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PhotoResce can recover deleted images and other files from any media for digital cameras
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25 November 2008

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Due to a virus attack, unwanted deletion, or corruption of memory sticks, XD, digital memory cards, etc, you may loose your images. You may get irritated with the mishap as it causes loss of your cherished memories, or the images relating to your important presentation or project. You can’t roll back the disaster, but you can easily get through with it, and get all your images recovered. For competent performance and effortless recovery of your images, you can think of trying out PhotoRescue Mac 3.17. The program offers easy recovery process for the Mac users to get their images recovered and restored. It supports recovering images files with various formats; JPG, GIFs, TIFF, and BMPs. The application provides quick recovery, advanced recovery, and backup card features to start up the necessary processes.

PhotoRescue Mac 3.17 facilitates the users to recover the photos, rebuild images with minor corruptions, and restore them. The main screen of the application presents three options; Quick recovery’, ‘Advanced recovery’, and ‘Backup card’. Connect to the card reader and the application would detect it itself for the process. Select the recovery option from the main screen. For example, you select Quick recovery feature, then the application displays the drives or card detected by it listed on the program screen. Selecting the drive to recover pictures from and click ‘Next’, where the program begins to allocate caches. The cache allocation completes, it would commence the image recovery process, and the recovered images are displayed simultaneously on the interface. After the process finishes, you can mark the images for retrieval and with next step set the destination folder for storing the recovered files. Press ‘Next’ and the software stores the files at defined location. Further, you can try advanced recovery to be more specific, and even create backup of card with ease.

PhotoRescue Mac 3.17 program makes it a cake walk for the users to recover the photos from memory cards, sticks, drives, etc on their Mac system. Rated with 4 points, the application consists of smooth and systematic process and boasts of an easily-navigable set of features.

Publisher's description

PhotoRescue will undelete, unerase and recover pictures, images and files lost on corrupted, erased or damaged compact flash, smartmedia, memory sticks, mmd, XD, multimedia or secure digital memory cards when other solutions fail.
PhotoRescue supports the recovery of all file types but its algorithms are particularly optimized for JPG or JPEG files, TIFF files, GIFs and BMPs. It also offers a constantly updated support for CRW, NEF, ORF, MRW and many types of movie files. In some cases, we can even rebuild pictures that have suffered minor corruptions.
PhotoRescue even deals with cases where the media is NOT visible as a drive letter anymore. The unique unfragmenting technology rebuilds cherished memories that would otherwise have been lost forever.
Version 3.17
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